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good morning, america. developing now, a new storm watch for the east coast already reeling from sandy. as temperatures plummet to below freezing in the storm zone. now all eyes on a nor'easter this week. sam is here with the up to the minute details. dead heat. the last 24 hours of the most intense and expensive campaign in history. mitt romney and barack obama campaign around the clock. right up to the final votes. our bottom line on where the race stands rite now. deadly accident at the zoo. a toddler falls 14 feet into a secured area with a pack of wild african dogs, as zookeepers race to fend them off, how did the 2-year-old end up falling into the dangerous den? ♪ give a little bit give a little bit of your love to me ♪ and this morning, after the perfect storm. a powerful response.
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♪ give a little bit >> america reaches out to the millions rebuilding their lives. ♪ how you can make a difference. join our entire abc family for a day of hope, a day of renewal, a day of giving. it begins right now, right here, on "gma"! ♪ give a little bit give a little bit of your life for me ♪ and good morning, everyone. a big monday morning here at "gma." we are kicking off the day of giving on abc. and we are going to be seeing robin roberts with a special message for everyone. >> that will be great. >> it's gonna be great. elizabeth vargas here for this important morning. we're teaming up with the red cross for an unprecedented event with the entire abc family. you see staten island there, they are hit so hard, so much chaos after that storm.
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>> i spent so much time out in the rockaways last week. so much devastation out there. so many people in need after the storm. and our parent company, disney, has already made a $2 million donation to those impacted. and today, we have an all-star abc phone bank. you can call in right now. starting right now. the number on your screen is 1-800-help-now. all of our abc family, and the entire cast of all the shows on our air, as well as the new stars from local and national news are here manning the banks. they're waiting to hear from you for the whole morning. we're also going to be going upstairs to the election head quarters right there. that is where we will be tomorrow night as the results come in. >> wow. >> there it is. >> very fancy, george. >> a big day, election. one day to go, we have a lot going on. >> absolutely. but first, we're going to check in with sam champion on top of all the devastation from hurricane sandy, we have a
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nor'easter coming in. it is going to be cold. it already is here in the northeast. >> exactly. we are live in times square as new york city gets ready for monday morning. you should know the folks have two days to get ready for another punch of rain, wind, and brutal cold coming in behind it. let's just show you as the cold air drops in. it's the coldest air of the season. this morning, the windchills are at 33 degrees but the real temperatures will be in the 30s and near the freezing mark, and in some cases, a little bit below, for all of the areas impacted by this storm. just unbelievable chill. and then on tuesday, this chill comes out of the country, gets to the carolina coast, starts to swirl around, gains some strength. and then as your garden variety nor'easter bringing 25 to 35-mile-per-hour steady winds, gust of 50 plus, probably three to four inches of rain in the boston-cape cod area. and look at the inland snow. so these folks without power because of the trees down will probably have more trees down. and what would normally protect
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you on the coastline are those really high dunes and berms. well, none of that is really there. we expect coastal flooding to occur. we'll go through all of america's forecast, including the forecast for that nor'easter when we come back. back to the desk. >> all right, sam. thank you very much. we'll have much more from the storm zone in moments. but let's go to the election center and george. >> thanks, elizabeth. as you can see, i'm upstairs at our brand-new election he headquarters in times square. just one day to go, "your voice your vote." the final poll shows a slight edge for president obama, but either man could win a race this close. we begin with david muir covering the romney campaign from cleveland, ohio. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's hard to believe it's come down this to this -- 24 hours left. on this election eve, several spots for mitt romney. not surprisingly, one of the key states he'll be in today, right
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here, the state he needs the most, ohio. overnight, more than 20,000 supporters in a state that hasn't gone democratic in five elections welcomed mitt romney. he's now looking to broaden his path to that magic number of 270 electoral votes. >> we're taking back the white house because we're going to win pennsylvania. >> reporter: a late play for the future of the state. the campaign telling me they see momentum among independents, swing voters outside of philadelphia. what romney really needs is ohio. the president holding on to a slim but stubborn lead here. but the romney campaign arguing on "this week" with george, that that lead is overstated. >> when i look at being on the road with governor romney and the crowds and when i look at the undecideds, i believe that governor romney will not only win on tuesday, i believe he will win decisively. >> reporter: romney said this while in ohio over the weekend. >> your state is the one i'm
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counting on by the way. this is the one we have to win. >> reporter: then there was this on "saturday night live," after key romney surrogate, jersey governor chris christie, praised president obama's response to the hurricane. >> on election day, i'm voting for mitt romney but if i had to pick one guy that had my back in a crisis, it would be barack obama. he's been amazing, so kind, such a leader. a true inspiration. again, i'll be a good soldier, i'll vote for romney, but i'm going to hate it. >> you had to know they were going to have a little fun with that bromance of the last week. the romney campaign telling me in the last 24 hours, they're convinced their ground game is well ahead of where john mccain was four years ago. and they've made early inroads, in early voting up against this president. george, they're convinced they're going to take the buckeye state. >> a lot of confidence there. let's get the view from the president's camp right now. they pulled into madison,
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wisconsin, with abc's jake tapper. jake, the president has a traveling companion all day today, bruce springsteen. >> that's right, george. and the path that the president takes today is the path that the obama campaign feels is his most assured one, here in wisconsin, then to ohio. and then to iowa. and bruce springsteen will be with him the entire time. jay-z will be in ohio. and michelle will join him. these events dedicated to winning over the last few undecided voters. the president cloaked himself in a robe of idealism and bipartisanship. talking about how he's the same candidate that he was four years ago. and in addition to the rallies, there's the obama campaign substantial get out the vote effort years in the making. and celebrities calling in with drive-time radio with young people -- people like samuel l. jackson, anne hathaway, making the case for the president and trying to get out the vote, the youth vote. >> i'm back here with our
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powerhouse political team. we're going to be here tomorrow night all night long. i want to start with matt dowd on the electoral map, matt. which we can see on the floor right here to get a sense of each side's path to victory. jake tapper just mentioned the president's schedule for today. and that is his path for 270 electoral votes. wisconsin -- excuse me -- wisconsin, ohio, and iowa. that gets him to the 271 he needs even if mitt romney wins all the other battleground states. look at that right there. even if he wins nevada and colorado and north carolina, virginia, florida, new hampshire. he can't get there. >> that's the difficulty that the romney campaign is faced with, that mitt romney is faced with. the path of winning this electoral college is so tight, it's almost as if he has to draw an inside straight tomorrow in what's going to happen in the race. and he has to, in my view, if you take a look at ohio, florida and virginia, mitt romney
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basically has to go 3 for 3 in those states in order to win this race. >> right. the only way he can get around that, somehow if he wins, all his path in winning, virginia, north carolina and florida. let's say he doesn't get ohio but wins wisconsin. then he's got to run the table. nevada, and ohio. >> the long ball is pennsylvania. if they can get pen, it changes the maps entirely. but having been through this before, the day before an election, the interesting thing, both sides are convinced they're going to win. both sides. both candidates and both sides. >> do you still believe that? >> i still believe they're convinced they're going to win because they both believe it's going to be about turnout. it will be about turnout. it obviously favors the president right now. both campaigns believe they're going to win. >> let me bring that to nicolle wallace. you talk a lot to the romney campaign. one of the reasons they believe they're going to win is because they believe they have a big advantage with the independent voters?
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>> that's right. and they believe despite the interruption and momentum caused by the tragic storm that hit us here on east coast. they believe they've had the momentum since the debate's ended and recaptured their candidates mojo, if you will. they see the enthusiasm. 30,000 people at a rally in pennsylvania. i've been to many rallies in pennsylvania with more than one candidate and that's a big crowd by any measure for either party. and so they feel like they have the momentum. i know ed gillespie talked with you about the expanded math. that matters far less than the state of ohio. >> donna brazile, you were there with al gore in 2000. the big difference from 2000 for the democrats is the sophistication of that turnout machine that president obama has built? >> george, they call it a sandwich program. this is found in the so-called swing voters. the persuadable voters. the base voters, the independent voters. this is a campaign that had 5,100 satellite offices all across the battleground states. they're targeting people where they live, where they're eating, where they're shopping, where they play. because the most important thing over the next 24 hours is to get people out to vote.
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28% of the so-called new voters they've registered, 1.8 million americans, they've cast their ballots. >> matthew, one of the other big differences we have seen from the last elections that has been building every year, the amount of people who have voted before election day. by the time the polls open tomorrow, 40% or better of the american public, even more in the battleground states who have already voted? >> nearly 50 million people will have voted before the actual super bowl, which is what we're looking at tomorrow. it's changed the nature of how you campaign and how things are organized and it's also changed how you judge momentum. if they haven't banked the votes in the states already, even with momentum in the final day or two, they may lose this race. >> finally, i heard from donna brazile and matthew yesterday. nicolle, your final prediction? >> i'm going to predict that mitt romney takes ohio. if he does that and everything else he needs to do, i think he
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can win. >> okay. we'll be here all night long as results come in. diane sawyer and i anchor beginning at 7:00 eastern. now let's go back to elizabeth. >> thank you, george. getting back to that hurricane coverage, our situation is dire for so many people in communities shattered by hurricane sandy, including those who spent yet another night without power as temperatures dropped. abc's dan harris joins us from new york's staten island, which is one of the areas that was hardest hit. dan, good morning to you. >> reporter: elizabeth, good morning. take a look at the thermometer, just north of 40 degrees. and the sun has just come up. this is one sign that we may be on the cusp of a major public health crisis out here. we've got tens of thousands of people who still don't have power or heat. just as the nights are getting longer and colder. >> trying to hang on here. >> reporter: one week after the storm, and entire families are huddling around fires to keep warm.
7:13 am
the mayor of new york urging people to move into shelters but many don't want to abandon their homes to looters. >> you can die from being cold. you can die from fires started when you use candles or stoves. >> reporter: staten island, normally a cozy suburban enclave, now, nearly a bottomless well of need. >> we need paper towels, gloves, garbage bags, anything to help these people clean their homes. >> i think we can make it through the winter even. as long as they free up the gasoline and we can keep our generators going. >> we need help. people to come and donate their time. salvage anything that's possible. >> reporter: this morning, to areas hit by sandy, 1.7 million still don't have power. the hardest hit area, jersey shore, staten island and the rockaways, where over the weekend, locals gave the mayor an earful. >> [ bleep ]. we can't even get a bottle of water, or hot chocolate.
7:14 am
>> we're trying to do it as fast as we can. >> reporter: and now a huge, long-term problem, what to do with all of the people who need housing. >> we're going to have tens of thousands of people who need housing is solutions right away. >> reporter: there are some bright spots, the commuter rails and subways are mostly up and running. and most of new york city schools are reopening. there may be some bright spots, yes, but a lot of people out here keep telling us they feel like they are living in the dark ages. and soon, we may see something new on the landscape out here. fema trailers which housed people for months, and in some cases years, after katrina. back to you. >> all right, dan. disturbing images still out there. we've been seeing the long unprecedented lines at gas stations all over the areas of devastation after hurricane sandy. and gas shortages could make getting to the polls tomorrow a challenge to voters inside the storm zone. abc's alex perez joins us from hasbrouck heights, new jersey.
7:15 am
with the very latest on that critical situation. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, elizabeth. it's bright and early. and check this out. there's already a long line of cars waiting to get to the gas station down the street. but this station here, like so many others, they're completely tapped out from those trying to get their generators running but help from the federal government could not come soon enough. overnight, the relief's slowly rolling in. fema gas distribution tankers already at ten centers across new york and new jersey. others urge residents to finally fill up. the federal agency has delivered 8 million gases of gasoline and another 28 million gallons is headed to the region and tapped-out gas stations over the next few days. the long tines and people and cars waiting hours for gas is still growing. jessica has been without power for six days. she's finally able to get a generator but now needs gas. could anyone have imagined you'd be standing in this line?
7:16 am
>> absolutely not. it feels like the apocalypse. >> reporter: in 12 hard-hit new jersey counties gas has been rationed for the first time since 1973. allowing drivers to buy gas every other day, based on odd or even license plate numbers. >> so many times you see it on tv, you just go about your normal day. all of a sudden, when it hits you, it makes you feel like, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: 65% of gas stations in new york city, long island are completely shut down. finding a working gas station is still a challenge. many here turning to twitter to find those that are up and running. also word of mouth. a lot of people simply picking up their phones and calling their loved ones the moment they find a gas station up and running. the department of defense will be setting up mobile fueling stations, ten of them across the new york city metro area. there will be a ten-gallon limit
7:17 am
per person but the gas will be free. >> thank you, alex. all right. unfortunately, so many after calling their friends and family are finding it a tough drive. our friends and family manning that phone bank. call 1-800-help-now to donate for hurricane relief. you can do it as we speak. many of them are on the phones right now. >> it's coming in. that's great. let's turn to josh elliott. for more stories developing this morning. good morning, josh. >> there's so much more to be done. meantime, in the new, that gas shortage here in the greater new york area not actually having much of an effect in prices in the rest of the country. new figures out this morning show the national average has actually dropped to $3.47 a gallon. that's down seven cents from a week ago when hurricane sandy hit. down almost a quarter from two weeks ago. take a look at this. the interstate in seattle back open after a fiery crash. this truck carrying 9,000 gallons of gas burst into
7:18 am
flames after being hit in a chain reaction crash. the driver was killed. three other people were injured in the accident. and in utah, collision on the tracks. a water truck did not stand a chance when it crossed paths with that oncoming freight train. the truck smashed to pieces. completely destroyed, as you see there. but the two men inside were not seriously hurt. the driver apparently never saw the train coming. and authorities are investigating a deadly attack by grizzly bears at a wildlife facility in montana. a 24-year-old worker was cleaning the bear enclosure at animals of montana in bozeman when one or both of the grizzlies in the compound attacked. that company provides animals for photo shoots and movies. and one quick headline from the sports world. an eighth grader from china has become the youngest player in history to qualify for the masters. guan tianlang sunk it punching the ticket to augusta in april.
7:19 am
he turned 14 years old last week. that's a quick look at the headlines. now for another look at the weather and the drop in temps, we're headed back to sam. sammy? >> hey, good morning, josh. giving to the red cross is a good thing. your extreme team is usually there the day before the event to cover it for you. we know for sure the red cross is the first team in. here comes the area of low pressure that will event be be the nor'easter. baton rouge, new orleans. jackson, alexander, houston, galveston in for the big storms. record-high temperatures along the southwest. these are 10 to 20 degrees above normal. 95 in l.a. today.
7:20 am
and coming up, sharon osbourne reveals why she went under the knife to make sure he could watch her granddaughter grow up. and abc taking your calls now. 1-800-help-now.
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7:25 am
damaged three businesses. >> sue hall is following the morning commute. tough one out of novato. accident just past north san pedro, cleared to the right, you can see damage is done. bumper-to-bumper out of novato from rowland boulevard. elsewhere bay bridge back-up beyond west grand overcrossing towards macarthur maze, sluggish upper deck into san francisco, a lot of cars headed in. new accident north 880 at 5 and oakland. mike will tellj
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good morning. beautiful shot, haze from sutro back towardsmont diablo, right now mainly if the 50s to near 60, 49 santa rosa, at least the fog is starting to lift. big story 12 to 20° warmer than average today. record highs possible from the coast to our inland neighborhoods. neighborhoods. just as
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♪ give a little bit i give a little bit of my life ♪ and we are coming together all day on abc for a day of giving. you see our family and friends there, barbara walters right next to ben stiller this morning. all of our colleagues raising money to help the victims of hurricane sandy. you see the number on our screen right there. 1-800-help-now call in now. donate, contribute. help the victims of hurricane sandy as we are coming together this morning. you can also go to one of the special events this morning. robin roberts, we're going to see her from home with a very special message for everyone. >> it's great to hear from robin after being in the hurricane zone. it's really great that people are helping from across the country. pitching in to help the survivors. including our own.
7:31 am
hey, ben, how are you? >> we're hearing from people in fargo, north dakota, ft. lauderdale, people who have been in situations like this who are wanting to reach out and help. i'm here with tony danza, ex creami extremely popular. you guys are busy there. >> you have the fargo, and ft. lauderdale. >> it's just wonderful. she said, i have an extra room and i'm happy to tell anyone in. just the generosity and thoughts from everywhere. >> barbara has been here early this morning. great to see her. we have other stories as well. sharon osbourne's revealing why she went under the knife to make sure she could watch her granddaughter grow up. >> the first wives are speaking
7:32 am
out. they're on the campaign trail. they're on the final push. very personal and emotional pitches as election day approaches. and what happened on the trail that was sole emotional for ann romney. >> that happens. in the campaign, you get so caught up after that long journey. we're going to switch gears right now. tragedy at the pittsburgh zoo on sunday. a 2-year-old boy was killed when he fell into an exhibit of endangered african dogs. his mother put him up on a railing for a look and then the he lost his balance. >> reporter: george, the pittsburgh zoo behind me remains closed indefinitely until this investigation continues. the mother and father of the boy reportedly treated for emotional stress at a local hospital. he fell into a pen of dogs. experts say he didn't spend a chance. pittsburgh police are investigating how the toddler could have fallen into the enclosure with african wild dogs
7:33 am
like this. witness say the horrific incident happened five minutes but felt like an eternity. >> we heard screams and maybe five minutes passed why until we heard what sounded like gunshots. >> reporter: it all began noon sunday when police say the mother stood the boy on a wooden rail. but witnesses say the boy lost his balance, falling 14 feet into the exhibit. >> there's a railing with a graphic sign on the railing and the child slipped over the top of that railing. and there's also a catch basin to catch things that fall into it. but apparently the child slipped over that as well. >> that's when the dogs, 11 in all, began to maul the toddler. >> we could hear screaming over the hillside staying "stay away, stay away." as the child's mother screamed the zookeepers came in. the most aggressive animals shot
7:34 am
and killed by pittsburgh police but it was too late. >> from what i understand it occurred at that scene. it was very horrific. >> reporter: african painted dogs are an endangered species roughly the size of domestic dogs but they're incredibly aggressive. >> they are the most aggressive predatory animals in the wild. i don't care if a zookeeper, a policeman, a tranquilizer gun could not have helped. sorry is not even a word for condolences. just my heart aches for everybody. >> reporter: in may, the dogs caused a lockdown when they escaped to another part of the exhibit. never before have they been a threat. >> one of the things the medical examiner is looking at did the boy fall from the impact of the fall or was it the wild dogs. elizabeth, back to you. >> oh, you just hope that he did die on impact.
7:35 am
thank you so much. that's an awful story. and we now turn to that bizarre attack on an american college student in italy. echoes of the amanda knox case. police say the new jersey native was stabbed 25 times by his best friend and roommate after a wild night of halloween partying, allegedly including heavy drinking and drug use. and now the suspect says he has no memory of the attack. abc's jeffrey kofman has more now from rome. jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it happened in an apartment just around the corner from the coliseum here in rome, for the second time in five years, an american student studying in italy charged with a horrendous crime against another student. this time just seemingly by just a miracle, that charge is not murder. this morning, 20-year-old reed alexander skepis accused of stabbing his roommate 25 times in a drug-fueled delirium.
7:36 am
it started on halloween, reed and his friend partying late at this roman nightclub. he told authorities he used drugs for the first time that night, mixing ecstasy and alcohol, although hashish was found in the apartment. after the two friends returned from the club to sleep off their wild night, he allegedly went into his sleeping room at dawn and stabbed him while his sister and her boyfriend heard the screams and ran to yep. incredibly, he survived. >> the story on the surface sounded like some sort of drug-induced either psychosis or hallucination. >> reporter: he told abc news every time his friend was named reed became profoundly upset and
7:37 am
cried while apologizing for what he had done. the irony of all of this, it happened exactly five years to the day meredith kircher was found brutely stabbed to death in the room she shared with amanda knox. knox and her boyfriend sollecito had allegedly be partying that night. the decision was overturned last october and both set free. this morning, he's in a hospital here in rome recovering from surgery to among other things, a stab wound to his lung. meanwhile, skepis has been released to house arrest to an undisclosed location. >> it should be noted that amanda knox was acquitted. time for the weather and sam champion. >> hey, good morning, elizabeth. right here on this phone bank,
7:38 am
all of the stars we can muster. all of the abc news family isle rotating in and out this morning. if you kick in this phone call, once you make your donation, these folks like ginger zee will be able to say thank you. and grover manning the phone line with his special headset. let us remind you at, viewers will find an emergency kit, there you get tips and hurricane tips not just for a hurricane but other things as well. we'll start with the election voting weather. in most places, most of the country will be just fine to cast your ballot. into the southeast, we've got strong, severe storms. that will be from the carolinas all the way to florida. we'll watch that develop from tuesday into thursday. it all starts with a cold blast of cold air that drops in the middle of the country. don't forget to give us a call
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>> keep these folks busy. keep those phones ringing. 1-800-help-now. all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. elizabeth? >> sam, thanks so much. coming up, sharon osbourne opens up about why she had life changing surgery to make sure she could watch her granddaughter grow up. of course, our day continues, the entire abc family and friends manning the phone lines. call 1-800-help-now to help victims of hurricane sandy. good morning, my name is michael douglas and as an easterner, i was particularly upset about the destruction of sandy. so many people out there don't have a generator. don't have water, power, electricity. communication. they need your help.
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back now at 7:43 with the stunning revelation from sharon osbourne, the matriarch of the osborne family making a difficult life-changing decision after she learned she has the breast cancer gene. abc's lindsay davis has the story. >> reporter: she was there for
7:44 am
her son when he announced his battle with m.s. >> he's great. he's doing really, really good. and i want to thank everyone all in goodwill. love it. >> reporter: but now it's sharon osbourne's turn to lean on her family, revealing to "hello" magazine that after discovering she had the gene for breast cancer, she made a life-changing decision. quote, as soon as i found out i had the breast cancer gene i thought the odds are not in my favor. i've had cancer before and i didn't want to live under that cloud. i decided to take everything off and have a double mast equity ten years ago, she beat cancer. an emotional battle she shared with barbara walters. >> were you scared that you were going to die. >> it was frightening. it filled my stomach.
7:45 am
i couldn't breathe. the first thing i thought, my god, my god, my kids. this can't be happening to me. >> reporter: now cancer-free and a new grandmother, osborne says, for me, it wasn't a big deal. i didn't want to live with that shadow hanging over me. i want to be around for a long time. >> you know how much we love your mother. >> reporter: and at age 60, she's focusing on the future. it's not pity me, she says, it's a decision that got rid of this weight i was carrying around. i just wanted to live my life without fear. osborne has had breast implants in the fast. and she said she has no plans for reconstructive surgery now. she told "hello" magazine i am definitely definitely done. i will not be going under the knife again. josh has "the play of the day." stay with us. rleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves.
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day"! might be our first repeat play of the day. he did that last year, he did it again this year. jimmy kimmel pulling a prank. telling parentses to tell their kids they ate all the halloween candy and he filmed it. take a look. >> dad and i ate all your candy? >> what? >> you mean even the suckers? >> yeah. [ crying ] >> we ate all your halloween candy. [ laughter ] >> mommy ate all your candy [ oh ] >> mommy was -- >> jimmy kimmel to mel told me it. >> who's jimmy kimmel?
7:51 am
>> that's not -- >> i'm sorry for eating all your candy. >> that's okay. >> all right. i love you. >> i love you. >> are you mad at me? >> no. >> you're just sad? >> yeah. >> next halloween, you can have my candy. >> love her. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently.
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7:56 am
good morning. the city of san francisco will have to pay out-of-pocket to replace a $700,000 mei bus. the bus was set on -- fire after the giants world series win the insurance policy does not cover torched buses. the city had just spent $ you,000 refurbishing that bus last -- spent $300,000 refurbishing that bus last year. temperatures 12 to 20° above average every city has as tariq -- has an fast terrorist being. that means -- richmond 80
7:57 am
westbound accident east shore freeway jammed bumper-to-bumper towards the maze. san jose north 280 at 880 first reports of an accident >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ give a little bit give a little bit of your love to me ♪ this morning, a day of giving. in the aftermath of the perfect storm, a nation reaches out. >> angels have dropped out of the sky. i don't know what else to say. i'm overwhelmed. >> amid so much heartache. the need so great now. millions doing their best to battle back and rebuild their lives. >> this is a very strong community, and it will be again someday. >> this morning, we'll show you the simple things the survivors need the most. supplies. shelter. support. and our love. now can help make a difference. join our entire abc family for a day of hope, a day of renewal, a day of giving.
8:01 am
it begins now right here on "gma." >> announcer: live from times square, this is a special edition of "good morning america," a day of giving. with robin, george, josh, sam, and lara. and you heard that right, how heart-warming to hear the voice of robin roberts right there. she has a special message to share with us this morning. you see all the star power out right there as well. rachael ray, our abc family lining up. cynthia mcfadden. so many here today along with barbara walters as we man the phone banks. call 1-800-help-now to join us and help the victims of hurricane sandy. >> we did team up with the red cross for our special event. the $2 million commitment from bob iger, the ceo of our parent company, diz sni.
8:02 am
disn disney. and anne sweeney who is championing his marathon. our abc programs, our cable networks rallying around hurricane relief right now. and boy, george, once you have been out there in the devastated area, you are feeling it. >> you know how much it means. you know why robin roberts did not want to miss this. we all miss her so much. you just heard her voice. now watch her message. >> george, it was so difficult for me to follow doctors' orders and stay here at home last week. like so many, i felt helpless, watching all of those families impacted by sandy. i know what it's like to see your hometown virtually wiped out, because i remember, the day after katrina, hurricane katrina, being there in my beloved home state of mississippi, walking in the rubble. the coastline unrecognizable. family members were displaced for months. it took over a year for us to get back in the family home. i also vividly remember so many people coming up to me and asking me the same question.
8:03 am
does the rest of the country snow? do they know what happened to us? does anyone care? and that is why today, this day of giving is so meaningful. please, give whatever you can. any amount is greatly appreciated. if you can't make a donation, please consider giving in other ways. your time. volunteering. taking a moment to say a prayer. sending positive energy, positive thoughts to all those that have been affected by sandy. let them know we care by giving whatever we can. bless you. and thank you. >> bless you, robin roberts. boy, she looks fantastic. >> yeah, she looks amazing. >> she looks gorgeous. get back here. >> you know, she wants to be here especially in this time of need. she would be here for every single person. >> well, she is here. >> yes, she is, and her voice so powerful and the message so strong. >> and no one can inspire folks to get off their chairs and
8:04 am
give, give, give like our robin roberts. you can do that today. incredible stuff coming in. our partner samsung has stepped up really today. believe it or not, they're going to match dollar for dollar, up to $3 million. that's why -- >> whoo! >> that is why we need your calls today, all day long. when you have a free moment, just make that phone call, know that your dollar is going to be matched. >> that's a good point. you hear the numbers, that's a wonderful gift that samsung has given. but you can do your part, too. any gift, no matter how big, how small makes a difference. so please pick up those phones and give what you can, as we look to take those first steps towards rebuilding. >> and while our abc family and friends are answering the phones right now, we're going to take a look at what people need the most in the wake of the hurricane. abc's juju chang spent some time with the storm victims in the
8:05 am
beach front community of rockaways. >> reporter: good morning, george, we're in the rockaways, they organized online, a group of friends, and they are distributing hot coffee and doughnuts, which is as good as it gets here. i've been in new jersey, staten island, here in the rockaways, and when you see a disaster of this magnitude, you just know that the need is so staggering. people here need everything from heavy machinery down to baby wipes. we tried to drill down to the four most important things they keep asking for over and over. you might be surprised at the list we came up with. >> i just want to see this community saved. and there's -- there's a lot to save here. >> reporter: for cody and his sister, mariah, there's 80 years of family history gone. they're combing through the muddy mess for generations of memory. >> the bible. you know, old yearbooks. i tried to peel the pages back, but they're ripping already. >> reporter: 1946?
8:06 am
>> yeah. >> so the most important stuff for us to save is the pictures. >> reporter: give me a sense of what this community really needs to rebuild. >> garbage bags, cleaning supplies, gloves, water. >> reporter: i talked to betty and her daughter becky they weren't so lucky. they say right now, they need simple things. >> most of us went out of here with what we had on and maybe one other outfit. now, we come back, we have no clothing, no anything. >> reporter: it's the really truly valuable things in there that are invaluable that you miss. >> things you can't replace. >> reporter: in the hardest hit areas, george, what we heard over and over, the most important thing they need is port-a-potties. when there's no plumbing, that's one thing they're getting testy about. two, they need generators to pump the water out. the only way to get the water
8:07 am
out is by pumping it out. on a more personal level, people asking for flashlights and batteries, that's number three. once it gets dark, it's spooky. number four, they're asking for cleaning supplies. i had a chance to talk with the fema chief craig fugate yesterday, he wanted to remind everyone that while it's nice and personal to donate goods and food, what people really need is cash to organizations that are already on the ground. it just adds another level of complexity if you show up with goods. but that's why we're doing the telethon, it's so important. >> absolutely. juju, thanks very much. we want to funnel that money through the red cross. our abc family and friends are manning the banks right there. call 1-800-help-now to donate for hurricane relief. we just found out a lot of calls are coming in. you might get a busy signal. if you get a busy signal, make sure you call back. we're so excited by the response. we also have some news this morning. let's turn to josh elliott. there's so much to get to in the wake of hurricane sandy. more in the aftermath. as many as 40,000 residents may
8:08 am
need to be relocated. temperatures across the storm zone begin to plunge into the 30s overnight. there's a threat now of a winter storm this wednesday, making the situation even worse. some people even gathering around bonnfires in the streets to stay warm. sam's going to have more on the forecast in just a moment. more than 1 million homes still don't have power. meanwhile, millions of people are returning to work for the first time. the crowds threaten to overwhelm the still limited public transit systems. and the gas shortage in the storm zone could last to later this week. the good news, three quarters of stations now have at least some power and gas. and fema and the defense department are setting up fuel stations. meanwhile, today is the final frantic day in the race for the white house. polls show the race deadlocked or within the margin of error in several key states. president obama and vice president biden will be holding five rallies in four of those
8:09 am
states today. mitt romney and paul ryan will be rallying ten crowds in eight states overnight, romney made a play for independents in pennsylvania, attracting more than 20,000 people. meanwhile in florida, so many people tried to vote early that they swamped some polling site, prompting democrats to file a lawsuit to extend voting. and you see this plane trying to land, and an suv driving straight through its path. the driver unaware of the plane approaching at 65 miles an hour. the plane actually clipped the roof of that suv. driver apparently never saw that stop sign we just saw before the runway. thankfully, no one was hurt. and finally, most of us would have trouble climbing 103 flights of stairs with two legs. but you can imagine doing it with just one?
8:10 am
zac vawter did it sunday, climbing to the top of the willis tower with one leg. he did it to advance technology for mind-controlled prosthetics. it's a thought-controlled prosthetic limb. also arms. these are becoming available commercially. the leg that he used is specially advanced. it's years way from being sold. it's still a remarkable thing. >> another heartwarming story, the senator from illinois, who had a very bad stroke last year, he walked up to the top at part of his comeback, as well. >> special hurricane edition? >> yeah, we're going to call it the sock-it to you sandy. edition of "pop news." we're fighters and today is a day of giving here at abc. we're not the only ones lending a hand helping victims of hurricane sandy.
8:11 am
maroon 5 frontman adam levine is doing his part yesterday. he did so in a very hollywood kind of way. he turned the tables on the paparazzi follows him. he stopped by a group of residents where he made a sign encouraging passers-by to donate to the red cross. he even gave them the text number to do so, fully knowing that his picture would be flashed on tup anewspapers and websites today. as you may have seen earlier this morning, ben stiller was here chipping in answering the phones and taking donations. and please continue to do so. he was also lending a hand over the weekend. he was not stopping there. he was at a shelter in brooklyn, dishing out food to storm victims. he is a native new yorker and he lives here with his wife, actress christine taylor and their two children. and a thank you to everybody lending a hand. and even as millions of people lost power, the power of communications. well, we are new yorkers so you
8:12 am
know we need to say how we feel. and it was well demonstrated by dozens of signs, photographs in areas affected by the storm. from long beach, new york. well, sandy, we've got you beat. then "free power help yourself." keep going. "thank you everyone for helping, belmar." and a couple more i'd like to show you "we will fish again." but my favorite one -- can we do the one about the christmas card -- let's get that one up. >> don't have it. >> there was a great one i love it said "sandy, you are so not getting a christmas card this year." and everybody, that's "pop news." >> sam champion's got the weather. >> i wanted to show our neighborhood, our great neighbors. take a look, by the way, at the nasdaq and reuters sign. they're all turned on. they're donating. normally, you got to pay them a fee to use these signs in times square. all over, if you look at them, they're all for our day of giving at abc. so you can dial 1-800-help-now and if you're walking around in
8:13 am
times square, that number couldn't be more obvious because it's just about everywhere. thanks to our incredible neighbors. let's get to the boards. here are the things we want to talk about this morning. we're going to show you how this nor'easter, by the way, is putting itself together. we basically have this system that dives down towards the gulf shores and then kicks off some strong weather there. then by tuesday, this thing is on the carolinas and starts whipping up wind and rain. this will be, again, just like a regular garden variety nor'easter. but the problem is our coastlines are so kicked right now. and inland areas don't have the power. to get the snow, the wind and the rain, that's what they don't need to hear. so that's the weather. and we're back with our gang at times square.
8:14 am
>> make those people work those phone lines. we are live in times square. all that weather was brought to you by centrum. >> shawn, where are we going? >> inside to lara. >> good job. >> thank you, sam. here's what's coming up on the "good morning america morning menu" -- the final pitches on the campaign trail and what made ann romney emotional? plus, lady gaga opens up about her weight gain and reveals the superstar role model. and here live, the jersey boys. make a donation here on "good morning america."
8:15 am
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8:19 am
my name is mark cuban of abc's "shark tank." there's not a day that goes by that i don't give my blessing for living in the greatest country in the world. we all have our dreams our goals, sometimes, it's cut short by tragedy. i hope you'll join me in providing support as part of abc's day of giving in helping
8:20 am
out those who have given. >> mark cuban means what he says. he's donated $1 million to hurricane relief. call 1-800-help-now or logon to the red cross website or on yahoo!. >> here we go, a lot of stars out. the real running mate and the real stars in the race for the white house, first lady michelle obama and ann romney, both have higher approval ratings than their husbands. they've been putting that to work in these final days. they're going all out. >> they're going all out. in the final hours, both candidates are counting on the candidates' wives to reel in the undecided voters. for michelle obama and ann romney, it's a long grueling road. >> it's an emotional day for me because i wish i could tell you what i've learned on the road.
8:21 am
>> reporter: they've been there every step of the way from the photo ops. >> may i introduce to you -- >> reporter: to some speeches. >> this sour time. >> reporter: to the convention speeches. >> michelle, i love you so much, what a lucky man i am. >> ann would have succeeded at anything she wanted to do. >> reporter: more more than a year, both women displaying equal parts charm. >> -- love you so much. >> reporter: and steely endurance. >> we've been in so many of your communities. >> reporter: michelle obama has campaigned at 191 events. >> it sounds like you're fired up and ready to go. >> reporter: and romney has been there, too. this this weekend appearing in five states. >> it's amazing to have this kind of emotion come to us. it makes me believe we can win colorado. >> reporter: throughout the campaign, both women have tried to show voters the other side of their husbands.
8:22 am
>> and what does mitt wear to bed? [ laughter ] >> i think the best answer is as little as possible. >> whoa! >> that's a good answer. >> first presidential debate was on your 20th wedding anniversary. >> go figure. >> and there's your wedding photo that we're showing right now. and the two of you look exactly the same. >> he's a lot more gray. >> reporter: michelle obama and ann romney has been praised for their wit, their fashion and many saying the race is too close to call, unfortunately for the campaign, neither women is on the ballot. but there is going nobody rest in these final hours. ann romney is just ahead to florida, virginia, and new hampshire. the first lady, north carolina, florida and iowa. so a sprint to the very end. >> and they deserve a nice gift from their husbands. >> they really have. and now to lady gaga. the superstar is opening up
8:23 am
about her controversial weight gain. she's known for encouraging fans to celebrate their differences. but now she's taking on her own critics singing the praises of another superstar. abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: never shy about flaunting her famous figure. ♪ i was born this way. >> reporter: the once slender lady gaga says in a new interview that while she may not are heavier, she's not apologizing, telling "stylist" magazine she's outraged that her weight is making the headlines. when i heard it's on the news where they talk about wars and economy crashing, this is expletive ridiculous. what kind of example is that to a young girl sitting at home. >> and gaga came on, gained the weight and that sparks a news story. >> reporter: and she posted
8:24 am
these photos on her website with the caption bulimia and anorexia since i was 15. when i eat, i healthy. the star tells "stylist" that this criticism is unfair noting that adele has not been targeted in tabloids. adele is bigger than me, how come nobody says anything about it? she's so wonderful and i think her confidence is something i have to match. she has set the bar so high. >> adele has never put her body out there. she just sings. for gaga, if you do that, you're showing off your body and making it the subject of conversation. >> reporter: this morning, gaga does not appear to be shying away from that conversation nor prove, it seems, that she can continue to embrace the mantra she so famously sings. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> as we told you, "gma" and the entire abc family is teaming up with the american red cross for
8:25 am
a day of giving to help victims of hurricane sandy. you can call in right now to 1-800-help-now. you can see that incredible group of people answering the phones. you can also logon to "good morning america" on yahoo!. or red we have so many standing by including the one and only barbara walters, katie couric and so many others. i don't want to interrupt the phone calls. >> people are so nice. someone from pittsburgh called. two people from ohio have called. i asked if he were sick of getting all the election calls -- >> right. >> because they're getting a lot of people calling them reminding them to vote. someone from charlotte and nashville. everyone is so nice. >> even though it's not only on the east coast reaching out, barbara? >> this reminds me of the old days getting up in the morning.
8:26 am
i just want to give a couple messages. one a veteran said he gives $25 and if a veteran would match that and give $25. a woman that's on disability. that's the kind of thing, you know, it's beyond their donation. >> and every dollar counts. >> yes. >> yes. people told me they would open their houses. people in michigan says, if you need a room, we'll give you a room. these are the things that you hear about. i don't want another storm. >> right. >> right. >> call 1-800-help-now. we'll be back.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. new from contra costa county, investigators looking for the cause of a suspicious fire at a strip mall in pleasant hill. it started shortly before midnight. smoke was coming from the middle of the building, sprinklers were activated. investigators found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail at the scene, beer bottle with a rag out of the top. three businesses have minor damages. good morning. it is busy right now san mateo bridge earlier accident westbound at the toll, now clear out of lanes heavy towards foster city, to the south bay northbound 280 at 880 slow, accident northbound at bird long stretch of slow traffic southbound 880 earlier
8:28 am
accident at wynton southbound 680 at lavorgna, new accident just reported at bollinger canyon. some record
8:29 am
welcome back. 50s and 60s, 72 at half moon bay temperatures will be from 12 to 20° warmer than average today with record highs just about everywhere. we'll do it again tomorrow,
8:30 am
♪ ♪ we're going to help you through the night we love you pretty momma who's always there to make it right ♪ who love you pretty baby who's going to help you through the night ♪ ♪ who loves you pretty momma who's always there to make it right ♪ we have the jersey boys here as well. they are all part of our day of giving. the state of new jersey hit so hard, we have that special performance by the jersey boys today. >> they are so great. george, i think you should wear one of those. katie couric has given me her approval. >> i'm sure she would. >> here to make trouble as
8:31 am
always. oh, go on. she was here monitoring the phone bank, as you see so many others there. including josh. a lot of people have called in already. we want to tell folks, if you get a busy signal, don't be discouraged. please call back again. because we're getting a great response. we want to continue to get as many pledges as we can. we've got so much going on this morning as well. we're going to talk about that, too. and plus like inside the diet. can chocolate and wine really help you drop the pounds. >> i sure hope it does. >> here's the thing. i got to say, they must have another secret because i do chocolate and wine regularly and it's not helping out. there's got to be a secret. lara and josh? >> i think if you saw david letterman, we're all aware of that. again, it's about dave getting
8:32 am
here at abc. and we're so privileged to be part of this at "good morning america." it's going to be going on on the abc family of networks. and snooki from seaside heights as well. again, the number 1-800-help-now. again, you don't want to interrupt the calls. >> i know. >> people are -- actually -- snooki, what does it mean to you to be able to be here, especially given the devastation that we saw in seaside heights? >> well, seaside is like my second home. so thank you so much for having me here. i donated a lot of clothes to long island, staten island, basically my whole closet. i'm happy to announce that november 15th me and my cast members on mtv, we're going to have a benefit. and we're collaborating with architecture humanity so we can help businesses get back together on seaside because that is our second home.
8:33 am
we're trying to do everything we can. >> that's fantastic. we really do appreciate the time. for now, back to george. >> thank you, josh. so great to see the phone calls coming in because we know it's going to be a long road to recovery for so many hit by sandy. but that recovery has begun. you see juju again there in rockaways. she has a story about how neighbors are helping neighbors and how the community is coming back together. juju? >> hey, george, i'm with the google group and they're giving out coffee to people who spent the night in cold apartments but just up the way, suffered in biblical proportions. first there was a flood, then a massive fire that burned homes to the ground. breezy point is a tight community of cops, police officers and teachers, they're banding together to lend a helping hand.
8:34 am
>> reporter: it's what americans do best in times of tragedy, pull together to help one another. >> you need help with the house? >> reporter: as we bear witness to the aftermath of hurricane sandy amidst the devastating community there is inspiration. >> this is a neighborhood that sticks together. >> this is a very strong community and it will be again some day. >> reporter: in breezy point, this bucket brigade brought much needed supplies to a town first drown by floodwater then incinerated by an inferno. the volunteer fire department lost everything. >> all our vehicles, all our equipment. power tools, equipment. everything. >> reporter: but fellow firemen have come to their rescue. >> the fire department in the bronx allowed us to use one of their spare vehicles that we had just something to get around in, god forbid there is an emergency, we can get around. >> the people are lending you trucks? >> yes. >> this crew from long island rushed down to donate old
8:35 am
uniforms. >> it's the need for firefighters, we help each other out. >> this is for them. hot meals, all the volunteer, churches, they're the ones that make it happen. >> reporter: donna soly who last week vent herd frustrations to senator charles schumer -- >> we're going to die, we're going to freeze. >> reporter: now says she's beginning to see the end of the tunnel. >> he promised to help and he brought everything he promised to bring. >> reporter: at st. thomas moore will many residents sought shelter from the storm mass was a time to reflect and give thanks. >> this peninsula will rise again. it will be a home for people and i know the lord will hear our prayers. >> as journalists, we see so much suffering in the wake of these kinds of disasters but we also get to witness so many acts of compassion. yesterday, we bumped into
8:36 am
volunteers, church groups and nonprofit organizations who are mobilizing on the ground. some were helping to distribute donations. others were going door to door, asking for what they need. we saw citizens pulling up on corners and passing out blankets and batteries and flashlights which is what this community needs most. >> i'm on the phone with the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, all day long, we're here on abc helping the victims of hurricane sandy. what is the greatest need right now? >> well, we have two issues we're dealing with. short term, george, we still have 700,000 people without power. and going into the 40-degree range last night, so that's become a real problem. no power. no heat. but it's food supplies, because people are having trouble getting food. it's clean-up materials. it's trash bags. it's working gloves. it's brooms, et cetera. and it's clothing. because people had their entire
8:37 am
household destroyed. >> we really saw that yesterday. all weekend long and staten island hit so hard. so many volunteers pouring out in the last few days but the need there is great. >> need is great. show the line for the storm, if you will, if there is one. the spirit of community, across the state. i have people from upstate new york coming down to help people downstate. george, we have people all across this country who are just driving in. people from the midwest, people in the south who will saw it on tv, got in their cars and said we want to help. we're all neighbors and we want to be there one for the other. and it's really heartwarming because people feel that they're not alone, that people care. and that means so much. >> we have seen this from community to community. some concern that people will
8:38 am
have a hard time getting to the polls, who want to vote, won't be able to vote. even extending election day. what's the latest on that? >> by and large, we're very limited what we can do here. this is a federal election, federal election laws, so extensions, et cetera, were limited. the election will be tomorrow. will there be some hardships to get to the polls? yes. but compared to what people have been dealing with over the past week, the hardships they'll have at the polls is nothing, frankly. >> finally, governor, what's the one thing you want the people of america to know about new york right now? >> i want the people to know that, first, new york appreciates the kindness that they have shown and the love that they have shown. and maybe we don't have heat on in the homes, but they have warmed the spirits of new yorkers. and i want them to know that new yorkers come back and it will be back soon and better than ever before. >> governor cuomo, thanks so much for calling in this morning. >> thanks, george.
8:39 am
thanks for having me. new york's governor andrew cuomo. good morning, atlanta, good morning, houston. good morning, chicago. get up, get on the phone, help us with that day of giving. if that phone's busy, give us a call back. what's another five minutes on the phone. by the way, you can talk to andrew shue, you can talk to andre braugher. tell me about the story line. you'll get a chance to talk to them after the donation. you can talk to rachel taylor and say what's happening on "666 park avenue" after the big halloween show. after your donation, you'll be kicked over to the phone banks. chris cuomo has been napping a little bit, now, he's on the phone. he's busy. yeah. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. always, always, when new york needs help, tony danza is there.
8:40 am
into the southeast, from the carolinas, atlanta, all the way down. this is tuesday's forecast into florida. you've got probably the worst weather on the board for tuesday. and the fact that there's scattered storms. we'll watch that nor'easter, on the coastline, wednesday to thursday. some of the coldest air comes in behind the storm in the next >> all that weather was brought to you by big lots. you can actually ask rachael ray ray five things in my refrigerator that haven't gone bad? rachael ray is there to take
8:41 am
your call. and sam promises big results, could it help you lose 30 pounds in three weeks on
8:42 am
8:43 am
hey, it's kellie pickler. my thoughts and prayers go out to the hurricane victims. please donate to abc's day.
8:44 am
>> kellie pickler right there. a reminder you can thelp the victims of hurricane sandy. 1-800-help-now if it's busy, call back because you can help out. there's daisy fuentes. you can go to the website at on yahoo!. ethan hawke is there. >> pour your third cup of coffee and just dial the number again. >> tony danza. >> you can finally ask tony, tony, who's the boss? you can ask tony, who's the boss? >> today, every little bit counts. samsung matching up to $3 million. we move on to a new diet from reader's digest that says
8:45 am
it can help people lose up to 30 pounds in three weeks. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: there was the grapefruit diet, and the all greens diet and who can forget the baby food diet? >> it's not a fad, you're not eliminating groups. it's superfast weight loss. >> reporter: the diet is moved into four phases. >> you take off five to eight pounds. at the end of the three weeks, they're taking off 13 pounds up to 26 pounds. >> reporter: phase one, you eat mostly soups and shakes and incorporate foods that taste good. >> i love the almonds, the wine. yogurt. >> reporter: we heard red wine is good for the heart. but also for losing weight, same thing with dark chocolate.
8:46 am
phase two, liean and green. >> so it's the micronutrients. >> reporter: it diet incorporates all the weight loss into one simple diet. the book available now is full of easy tips for quick exercises. i will point out we are wearing heels. >> yeah, just dip. >> reporter: after three weeks and presumably pounds lighter, the third and final phase, maintenance. >> incorporate fat-releasing foods into one meal. >> reporter: and there's one more part, laughter. >> when we're stressed we have cortisone, and when you laugh, you hold on to fat. >> reporter: laughter may be the best medicine for some, although dieting on chocolate and red wine sounds pretty sweet for me. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, los angeles. >> abbie, great assignment.
8:47 am
go to on yahoo! to search tips on reader's digest. ♪ >> do you hear that? jersey boys on our day of giving coming up. ♪ late december in '63 what a very special time for me as i remember what a night ♪ ♪ oh what a night
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ i give a little bit and we are back now with our day of giving. boy, we just got another special an mounsme announcement, our own barbara walters, so inspired. just before she left for "the view," she said she is going to donate $250,000 for disaster relief as well. >> wow. >> i'm so inspired by barbara. count me in for $50,000 as well. >> wow, george. >> they're all going to be
8:50 am
matched by samsung. >> the first $3 million gets matched. i know you guys have been waiting for the special performance here and the victims are going to be helped by your phone calls. we'd like to you enjoy this. so please welcome the stars of tony and winning stars of the jersey boys. here they are, ladies and gentlemen, our jersey boys. ♪ ♪ sheri sheri baby sheri sheri baby ♪ ♪ sherry baby sherry baby ♪ sherry can you come out tonight come come come out tonight ♪ sherry baby sherry baby sherry
8:51 am
can you come out tonight ♪ ♪ why don't you come out ♪ come out come out ♪ come out come out it's so nice ♪ come out we'll dance the night away ♪ ♪ i'm going to make you mine mine mine ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ big girls don't cry-yi-yi ♪ ♪ they don't cry big girls don't cry ♪ ♪ who said they don't cry? my girl ♪ ♪ said goodbye-yi-yi my, oh, my ♪ ♪ my girl didn't cry i wonder why ♪ ♪ silly boy
8:52 am
shame on you more mama said shame on you you cried in bed ♪ ♪ shame on you you told a lie ♪ big girls ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry-yi-yi ♪ ♪ they don't cry big girls don't cry ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ ♪ that's just an alibi big girls don't cry ♪ ♪ big girls don't cry ♪ ooh, wee, ooh, wee, ooh, walk walk, walk, walk, walk ♪ ♪ ooh, wee, ooh, wee, ooh, walk like a man ♪ ♪ oh, how you tried to cut me down to size ♪ ♪ telling dirty lies to my friends ♪
8:53 am
♪ but my own father said give her up, don't bother ♪ ♪ the world isn't coming to an end ♪ ♪ he said just walk like a man ♪ ♪ talk like a man walk like a man, my son ♪ ♪ no woman's worth crawling on the earth ♪ ♪ just walk like a man my son ♪ ♪ ooh, wee, ooh, wee, ooh, walk walk, walk, walk, walk ♪ ♪ ooh, wee, ooh, wee, ooh walk ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ and thank you so much, everyone. dwyane wade, by the way, is donating his last paycheck from his last nba, $200,000. and barbara walters with her $250,000. george with his $50,000 donation. >> mark cuban, $1 million donation. up to $7 million total still going up, thanks, everyone. >> bye.
8:57 am
8:58 am
"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
8:59 am
a 25 foot boat overturned off dillon beach yesterday five people, including two children were rescued by a sheriff's helicopter crew two more were rescued after being cut out of the hull everyone should be okay. record warm temperatures, meteorologist mike nicco with details. >> here it is. 12° warmer in san jose, 20 in santa rosa, every single one of those high temperatures has an asterisk next to it even more on this page that means record highs. we'll do it again tomorrow in between cool and comfortable tonight. >> bumper-to-bumper at the bay bridge toll remain problem spot southbound 680 at bollinger canyon, overturned vehicle three lanes block, chp on scene north 880 at 5 and oakland accident there, slow

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